ANIL & SUNITA’s Story - La Himalaya





18 Jun, 2021

Anil and I planned a trip to Spiti with La Himalaya, and though I was excited to be going to the hills with my partner, I was also very skeptical.

This was going to be my first time travelling to Himachal, and I even had some amount of anxiety about whether I’d be able to cope with the tough terrain and weather.

I am used to staying in upscale hotels with everything I need a phone call away, and for this reason I probably called La Himalaya a hundred times with all types of questions. Each time they responded in the nicest and most re-assuring tone.

All this anxiety and skepticism disappeared as soon as we started the expedition. Something about the La Himalaya team, just kept me comfortable, and this lead me enjoy the whole trip with no worries on my mind.

The food was phenomenal. I was mind blown when I was hungry mid journey, and I received a hot samosa standing close to a monastery located very close to Tibet border in a sub zero degree temperature. I tell everyone this story, because I expected this trip to be a big struggle for me, but it was quite the opposite.

The accommodation was great, we got our required privacy and even spent a lot of time socializing when we felt like it.

I couldn’t have chosen a better place to spend quality time with Anil. A place like Spiti really holds you in your best element and I’m glad I chose to come to a place like this to see our relationship grow in the best atmosphere there could possibly be in this whole world.




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