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Our Story

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Our Story

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The Beginning

In 2014 winters, a casual conversation over drinks started drifting towards the discussion that when we talk about Himachal, most people have only travelled to Shimla. People have not explored the real beauty of Himachal. To this someone replied that it is because other places do not have a comfortable infrastructure like Shimla.

But we had one thing up our sleeve. We knew we could carry our infrastructure with us.

This was my Eureka moment. We researched routes, accommodations, on-road food joints, fuel stations, scenic views and started this journey..

What makes us different?

This is the hardest part – it may look like the usual grind but for me, this grind is my passion. There is not a moment when I feel why am I doing this? I enjoy it. It’s not about the destination, it’s all about the journey. That what makes life worth it.

We are not agents or middlemen transferring people from one spot to another. We are with you on every journey and we own what we promise to deliver. Whether it’s a group of 2 people or 50, we will always be in this journey together so that your experience is never compromised. “Our Philosophy” is to treat the guest as you would want to treat your loved one.

Your Safety is our utmost priority. Our expeditions extend to unexplored villages which tend to be in remote locations. Needless to forget, there could be unpredictable weather and terrain. Our strong team always makes sure that these dynamics do not make your experience unpleasant. You are covered every step of the way – no flat tyres, no car break-downs and above all, no running out of liquor.

Our Team

I lead every drive. However, I am backed by a dedicated team ensuring that your experience is extremely smooth and memorable. In the mountains with hair pin drives, you never know what’s on the next turn. That’s where our team ensures that it’s something interesting.

If you have any questions, get in touch.

My Story

I grew up as a single child in the outskirts of Shimla. We had a very humble home; money wasn’t easy but we made ends meet and I managed to get around. I was always an explorer – hardly ever found in the house, and rarely did anyone know my whereabouts.

I had a decent education, studied well but never wanted to get into a regular 9-5 job. I wanted to explore new places myself and also show them to other people. Passion always finds a way through and I started early – In 1998, alongside my education in university, I started giving Shimla city tours to people.

I was loving this (I even learnt French since most of the tourists were from France), and at the same time earned enough to take care of my own education expenses.

After graduation, things started getting a little dull. I started getting sinked in a comfortable living in my Insurance sector job. Not that I was unhappy. I had a good job and soon an affectionate family living in a nice home.

I also managed to take some time out and go on expeditions; but not much.

In 2014, an opportunity from an old friend (Sam; Sanjeev Dogra), flipped my life. He had witnessed my enthusiasm, and invited me to join him as a partner in his company, “Adventure People”. It took me no time to resign from my corporate job and join him as soon as I could.

For 5 years, I was heavily involved in all operations of “Adventure People”. I went on every single tour and learnt every possible thing about hospitality in the most remote places and difficult terrains of India.

In 2019, backed by an immense amount of motivation from Sam (he’s been my mentor), I established La Himalaya.

The past few years have been the most satisfying years of my life. I’m doing what I wanted to and in a way I deem the most appropriate and exciting.

In these years, I’ve seen people let go of their toxic lives even if it’s for a couple of weeks, and this gives me a different level of fulfillment to know that in some capacity, I’ve made this possible.

The Himalayas are truly Enlightening. This mountain range has changed my life, and they can change yours too.



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All the Best, Puneet