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Visit Spiti Valley

“Absolutely Amazing”

It was in 2016, I with one of my friends went to Spiti valley for the first time with La Himalaya. It was an amazing experience; I then went to the same valley thrice with La Himalaya expedition. They are not just a tour operator, they are the best host in Himachal.

Special thanks to Mr. Puneet Sharma for his care and support throughout our tour and exploring Spiti valley is like dream come true. Lavish dinners with a huge variety of food. Much more to say but just one line from my side, want to explore the Himalayas?

If yes, go with La Himalaya.

Mr Iqbal Grover

“La Himalaya makes the Himalayas better”

Myself and my wife Manjusha, have been doing road trips, for the last 15+ years. We were initially hesitant to do an organized, group road trip, on the first hand. But winters and Himalayas made us take the decision of using an expert guidance. Referred by a friend, we opted to do the winter drive, with La Himalaya. What must I say? I have never seen some one manage something, in such a professional way and that too with pure passion, rather than a business motive. Be it any of the 5 nights where we stayed, or any of the roadside meals that we had, it was all superb. I was really astonished with the way the other members of the group, became part of this trip . All were like minded, from all age groups and simply, one large family. The day was well planned, with enough drive and adventure and the nights were set in cozy, party atmosphere. From snacks that were served, to packed lunches, everything was well thought of. I didn’t take my kids along, cos they had exams. It was really a big miss for them.

Mr Abdul Riaz

“A Life Time Experience”

It was a pleasure being on the Spiti expedition which started on the 25th of Feb. I have been planning to do this with a friend for the past two years and has been on my bucket list for a while now. The pandemic just showed how unpredictable life can be. My friend messaged and within 2 days we agreed to go on this trip. Flew into CHG from BLR and the adventure started. A very well-organized trip by La Himalaya and great hosts. Excellent selection on places to eat, stay and drive. It was an adventure of a lifetime and Kunzum La was divine. Every hotel, homestay was perfect.

Mr Anil Padaki

“Excellent Hospitality – best self-drive expedition”

Amazing guys, they planned and executed the 10-day self-drive expedition so well. Even in the Covid time, they organized the expedition in the safest way. The stays, bonfire sessions, food, and company were perfect. There is always a lead and sweep vehicle and individual care is given to everyone. Puneet and Jeep Captain are just awesome. I will surely recommend La Himalaya for your holiday in the mountains and be assured that they will execute it perfectly!

Mr Aneesh V K

“A Vivid & Life Enhancing Experience without a Doubt”

Want to discover Himalayas this is one stop shop. Travel fearless with fearless people and enjoy it all. La Himalaya we are so grateful to you to bring us so close to the nature which was beyond our imagination. It’s was my 1st expedition with you but not the last. I will come back again with few more friends to discover the unimaginable.

Mr Gaurav Sharma

“Most memorable road trip”

This was my very first outdoor adventure trip where we were supposed to stay in different camp sites in the remotest and most beautiful areas of Himachal. The whole camping was taken care by La Himalayas from finding out the best camping sites to setting up the camps before we arrive to the destination and serving us the best quality food every day. Special mention to Puneet who was leading the La Himalayas team; he is such an efficient leader and organiser and takes personal care of everyone travelling with them. Not to forget he SINGS very well so next time whenever you are planning a trip to Himalayas go with La Himalayas and request Puneet to sing.

Ms Gargi Kapoor

“It’s Overwhelming, It’s a Life time Experience & It’s Absolutely Fantastic”

The best ever trip it beats Switzerland hands down. All the 9 nine nights / 10 days were awesome to say the least. moments we cannot forget and Spiti was on our bucket list and got the best team to help us visit it. It’s not a place to drive alone and to reach Kunzum pass was great.
When we reached Narkanda you did not know anybody but the last day they were like friend we knew for ages. Puneet ji, Walkie Talkie saying Rolling On ” was missed for quite a few days ”

Ms Lata Iyer & Mr Sudhir Iyer

“A life time experience”

I absolutely loved the experience of going for a self snow drive to Spiti Valley. I don’t have a 4×4 car of my own, so I hitched a ride with the organizer of the snow drive Puneet Sharma in his car. It’s an amazing experience to share that kind of camaraderie with people from all across India. We were close to 50 people, travelling in a convoy of 15 cars. We all first got together in Narkanda (2 hours from Shimla), had a bonfire night and got to know the other travelers. Stayed at a huge meadow overnight within our tents, and then continued our journey ahead. These places of Himachal are not explored a lot by regular travelers, so don’t expect to stay in 3-4 star hotels, but one thing I loved about La Himalayas hospitality was how good the food was where ever we went. For half of the trip we had a food caterer truck that travelled with us

Overall I’ll give the team at La Himalaya a big thumbs up for initiating this unique travel expedition.

Mr Nakul S

“A wish come true”

This trip was initiated when my daughter asked me to show her snow! As we did not dare to travel out of the country and deciding the safest way to travel was in a car we decided to go to the Himalayas. We looked up and found La Himalaya. We took this trip after year of no travel, worried about how my kids 2 and 5 would take it with so much of driving. Right from the day we reached to the day we left Puneet had taken so much of care at every step and played a pivotal role in our experience. We celebrated our daughters bday on the trip and he went to such lengths to organise not one but two amazing cakes at a location where only one store would make Maggi. My daughters wish to see snow was fulfilled thanks to her prayers and the bday was celebrated well thanks to Puneet and the other wonderful co travelers who participated to make her day special
Special thanks to Puneet. Will definitely do more trips with La Himalaya.


“Life changing experience, Great Hospitality, Superb service, Cooperative team, Awesome memories.”

Best Experience of my life with team La Himalaya. Superb service and family like feeling. The quality of service and hospitality was amazing. I went there solo and returned with a family. Done a lot of adventure and everything was not just up to the mark but beyond my expectations. Hats off to La Himalaya team for working day-night for offering these services at such reasonable prices. You guys are a benchmark in this business. Missing all the fun and eagerly waiting for my next trip with them.

Try them and you will never regret for a single penny spent.

Mr Manav Goel

“Luxurious adventure in the himalayas”

“Luxurious adventure” – this is the way I’d like to describe my experience with La Himalaya. Although the trip was through treacherous terrain and with very few amenities in the harsh mountains, La Himalaya had everything planned very nicely. The accommodation was top notch, food was extremely delicious, and the organizers were incredibly careful about safety. They knew the area very well and know the locals. What I really loved about La Himalaya is that they do this with passion, and not as a business. We made a lot of great friends on the trip, and it would be a pleasure to be in touch with Puneet and his team for life. I highly recommend any trip with them.

Mr Ashish J



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