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Explore Beauty of Himachal by Road

27 Jan, 2020

With tall devdar, oak and Pine trees that cross beautiful meadows, clear streams and green valleys; Himachal Pradesh is indeed a dreamland! Driving on the narrow mountain paths, one can literally see the road running and draw lines on the front view. The roads are scenic, shaded and offer spectacular expanses, but also treacherous and extremely narrow.

Manali to Leh

This road looks more beautiful, providing a safe and comfortable travel experience if you want to be part of the journey in an SUV! Well, the words definitely come out describing the beauty of this road. The route starts from the crowded city center of Manali city. Enroute Manali, you will cross a beautiful bridge, with a river on one side and hills on the other. You will find a wide change in the landscape. The lush greenery, serving as your constant companion for so long, will turn brown. And that’s the cue for Leh!

Shimla to Manali

The real beauty of this journey begins once you leave the city of Shimla behind. There will be valleys and grasslands on your right, while mountains serve as your companion on the left. As you proceed, the river Beas trudges along with your vehicle. It plays hide and seek in some parts. The path with thick forests is ahead and gives you a chance to see a wide range of flowers, some seasonal birds and if you are really lucky you can take a glimpse of some wild animals strolling along the road.

Shimla to Spiti Valley

Spiti Valley is winning the hearts of tourists from all over the world with its beauty and village-like attractions. And the best way to reach this valley starts from Shimla. Soon after leaving Shimla city, you will come to the beautiful city of Kufri. Take a break and appreciate the beauty of Kufri.

Shimla to Kangra Valley

As you are near the unique village of Andretta, you will be able to make many tea gardens one after the other. Within a few minutes, your cab reaches Andrea’s Artist Village. Andretta is home to iconic theater artists, painters and potters. While visiting this village Nora Richards’ home is also taken care of. Once you have visited Andreta, ride further and you will have to roam around in the beautiful city of Palampur. Known for its forests of cedar trees and great mountain scenery, Palampur requires a long stay. One more hour and you will reach the city of Kangra and you can remember some of the beautiful experiences you had along the route.



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