Ghalib's Story - La Himalaya


Ghalib’s Story

18 Jun, 2021

I, being an off-roading enthusiast, always had Spiti on my bucket list. In march just before financial year closing (as I’m a CA) I packed my bags in Cochin and planned an impromptu trip to Spiti with La Himalaya.

The absolute beauty and scenery of the hills combined with the flawless service I received on this tour, absolutely changed my perspective about life as a whole.

I came to this trip with a whole load of stuff bothering me, and hindering my happiness. I was not in best of my headspace. However, when I left from Himalayas to back home I was a different and an energized person all together such is the magic of Spiti and Himalayas.

This was one of my best road trips with my newly acquired toy “New Mahindra Thar”. The stickers which are on the car do not really mean anything to you on the first day but by the end of the trip you really understand that you have to earn them.

La Himalaya doesn’t offer you holidays or trips, it offers you an experience- one you’re not likely to forget for a very long time.



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