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Himachal’s Best Mountain Peaks , Every Traveler Must Visit

2 Mar, 2020

For the more adventurous explorers, there are several Himachal Mountain Peaks ranges such as Trund Pahari, Hampta Pass, Kinner Kailash, Kunjam Pass etc., which is a journey to experience the great experience of Adrenaline Rush.

Himachal Best Mountain Peaks

Triund Hill

Triund is a quiet and attractive trekking destination nestled in the lap of Dhauladhar Range. It offers amazing scenic views of the Dhauladhar Range on one side and the Kangra Valley on the other.

The trek can start from either Dharamkot or McLeodganj, and venture into the scenic Bhagu Nag and further to Khabarotu, where you can enjoy beautiful shots of glacier lake and snow-capped Dhauladhar peak.

Hanuman Tibba Peak

A spectacular technical peak to climb in the Western Himalayas with an elevation of 19220 feet is located near Manali. Hanuman Tibba Peak is like a pyramid with steep climbs on every side.

Indrahar Pass Trek

It is another spectacular hill trek through the picturesque beauty of the Himalayan ranges. It starts from McLeod Ganj and climbs to the Sundar Trund, which further reaches Lavesh Cave and finally ends at Indrahar Pass, which is situated at an altitude of 4,300 meters.

Trekkers can camp at Lavesh Camp before ascending to Indrahar. Once you reach the pass, you will be greeted with panoramic views of Dhauladhar and Pir Panjal mountain ranges. It is a moderate trek which takes about five to six days to reach the pass.

Shitidhar Peak

This peak is famous among mountaineering students and the Shitidhar peak serves as a training ground for large expeditions in the higher Himalayan peaks.

The name Shitidhar is from “Shiti means Sharp and Dhar means Edge” and is the peak of other famous peaks around Manali in Ladakhi and Manali, next to Shitidhar peak.

Hampta Pass Trek

You will come along this six-day trek to the verge valleys of Kullu, the rugged mountains of Lahaul, the wooded areas of the tides, the sand plains of the Baalu Hoop and the lush Shei Goru valley and eventually reach an altitude of 4,277.8 meters

Reaching the trailhead, which is Jobra, requires you to drive from Manali or Princi and bends 42 hairpins along the route. The magnificent Vistara drive of the Kullu Valley route makes the drive worthwhile. The trek ends at Chhatru, and along the way there are several camping spots where you can pitch a tent.

Kinner Kailash

Kinnaur Kailash Shikhar or Kinnar Kailash Shikhar is a spectacular peak in the Kinnaur district of Himachal Pradesh and has the highest peaks in the Kinnaur Kailash range and is the highest with an elevation of 6500 meters. The Charang La Pass trek in the region is considered to be one of the most difficult treks in India

Shepherd Trail Gaddi Trek

The trek starts at Kullu Valley (Manali) and ends at Kangra Valley (Dharamshala). On the way, there are also fruit orchards and wild animals along the way.

Scaling this trek takes about 18 days and is extremely challenging, requiring a high level of fitness.

Deo Tibba Peak

Deo Tibba Peak is a majestic peak in the Kullu Valley with an elevation of 6001 meters. After climbing the lower peaks there is a nice peak above 6K to start your mountain climb. The Deo Dunes trek is also one of the famous treks near Manali, with majestic views of Dev Tibba.

Beas Kund Trek

The trek starts from Old Manali and passes through the ancient villages of Barua and Shanag which are completely cut off from the modern world.

It then leads to the lush green meadows of the Solang Valley, Dundee and Bakartach, towards the Beas Kund, a small alpine lake whose waters are blue.

The trek is relatively easy, thus novice or pro trekkers can be the same. It takes about two days to complete and trekkers can stay overnight in a tent in the Solang Valley.

Manimahesh Kailash

Every year, on the eighth day of the moon’s light half in the month of Bhads, a fair is held in this lake, attracting thousands of pilgrims who gather here to take a dip in the holy waters. This is one of the major pilgrimage sites of Himachal Pradesh.

Sar Pass Trek

At an elevation of 4,220 meters, Sir Pass is located in the picturesque Parvati valley. It is a spectacular trek known for its spectacular scenery that changes every few miles.

The trek starts from Kasol, a backpacker’s paradise, and goes through the paths of Grahan, Padri, Min Thach, Nagaru and Barshani village. This trek is moderately difficult and requires a good level of fitness. It takes about five days to complete.

Indrasan Peak

When you get the first view of Indrasana Peak after crossing the Hampta Pass then you will know why Indrasana Peak is called “Indra’s posture” which means throne or rain god – Indra.



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