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Must to Carry Things on a Spiti Valley Self-Drive Trip

12 Jul, 2021


These days lot of people are inclined to do Spiti Valley Self Drive Tours in their cars and want to understand about what Blog all to prepare in their vehicle for a trip to Spiti Valley. We receive numerous queries around this and thus to ease it out for all, following is what is recommended, we are sure this will be beneficial in getting the right set of items and tools for your upcoming Spiti Valley Self Drive Trip or any other trip to the remote Himalayas.

Basic Puncture Repair & Battery Tools:

Most Annoying thing that can happen to your car in the distant Himalayan tour would be getting a puncture in your car or battery getting dead. You should be prepared to solving these basic issues your own self as possibilities of getting a mechanic in such terrains is very bleak. Carry the following and it might help you in the time of distress:

  • Basic Toolkit including Jack & Spanner
  • Air Compressor & Foot pump. Punctures are bound to happen on these roads and keeping a good heavy-duty metal-based air compressor will definitely be helpful
  • Puncture Repair Kit including Tube patches
  • Puncture Sealant Kit. It helps you save you from beyond repair tyre punctures and buys you time to reach a mechanic
  • Jump Start Cables

Fuel Refill Cans

  • 1-2 Cans / Coke Bottles to Cary Spare Fuel
  • A long pipe to be used for transferring fuel from one vehicle to another (just in case)
  • Funnel for transferring fuel

Other useful items

  • Swiss Knife
  • Maps (Incase Google Maps stop working due to network issues)
  • Carry Cash as ATMs are far and distant
  • A set of Screwdriver
  • Assorted Nut and Bolts
  • Torch light
  • Dry Snacks
  • Drinking Water
  • First Aid Kit

While there are a lot of travelers these days on these roads and you might get help from them as people are usually friendly during these trips, but it is always advisable to carry all these things along while being on a Spiti valley self-drive trip. Another option is to come along with us for a Self-Drive Expedition and we will carry all what’s important and necessary for these trips.







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