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LaHimalaya Self Drive Expedition

3 Oct, 2019

Self Drive Expeditions are meant to explore lesser-known destinations and the countryside in your own way. These expeditions are meant for those who seek the joy of exploration and discovery.

The idea of exploration is deeply rooted in the human psyche. Many people realize and experience the joy of exploration and adventure. This joy lies in the quest to go somewhere where people have gone before or to see something that not many people have encountered. You experience such joy in self Drive Expeditions. 

Exploring and following passion motivates, supports and maintains your fitness, performance and health. If you find and seek out joy in travelling the world and you are looking for travel partners and assistance, La Himalaya is the best option you can go for. 

If you have a passion for exploration, you can register to La Himalaya’s upcoming road trip to the famous Spiti valley in Himalayas to witness the incredible beauty of nature. 

An expedition to Spiti is among the most exciting journeys one can go for. This almost mystical route is full of challenges & exhilaration, and gives you unforgettable experience. Himalayan trails are the source of opportunities for adventure and exploration where no two kilometers are the same.


Explore yourself while enjoying the drive in the Himalayas with La Himalaya

The locations you will explore during this expedition are Narkanda, Pabbar Valley, Baga Sarahan, Pooh, Kaza and many more.  

You’ll enjoy the stay in Tethys Resort and Tethys camps with great hospitality on the move. Your food will be totally homemade. Your prime activities will be a self-driving thrill, camping, bonfires, snow activities etc.  

You can come alone or with family & friends as here all the explorers gel with each other to become friends for a lifetime.

La Himalaya invites you to have fun in Spiti in Himachal in the Himalayas. Register now and get ready for a memorable holiday in December! You can view the detailed itinerary here.

In case you can’t make up for this one you can make up your mind for our other upcoming itineraries listed. We also offer summer and short itineraries.




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