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Snow Self Driving Safety Tips

9 Mar, 2020

Snow Self Driving Safety Tips

#1 Drive slowly

The winter weather can wreak havoc on the roads, especially if your city is not adequately prepared by reducing salt. Black ice is of particular concern because it is very hard to see but very slippery.

Drive more slowly than you normally would. Drive under the speed limit and watch for people who are driving at very high speeds, as they are more likely to run into problems on the road.

#2 Ice scraper and snow brush

You know Weatherman is not always right, so leaving a few inches of snow in your car can eliminate a small chance of flirting.

Keep an ice scraper and snow brush in your car as soon as the cold weather arrives. Snow and ice on cars is dangerous because it can obstruct your view or blow up and hit another car.

Always clean your car with snow and ice before driving to prevent an accident.

#2 Shovel

Buy a small or collapsible shovel to keep in your trunk. This will be useful if your car is stuck in snow or if you have to clear the way to drive.

#3 Gloves and other winter clothing

You have an ice brush and a shovel, but now you really need to use them. Wearing gloves and other warm clothes will make cleaning your car easier.

It also doesn’t hurt to keep some warmth in your car. Always be ready to stop frostbite! When you are hot you do a better job of cleaning your car.

#4 Blanket

Do you have extra blankets around your house? Put one in your car. If you are stranded or caught in an accident, it will not cool down quickly, especially if your car does not turn on. You cannot always depend on your car’s heater, so stay warm with a blanket.

#5 maintenance check on your car

Make sure your defroster is working, as well as your defogger and antifreeze. Also check your car battery.

If the snow remains frozen under the hood of the car overnight, it can drain the battery without making you realize.

If nothing is working properly, see if there is something you can do to get it back again. If not, don’t risk it! Manage alternative travel plans.

#6 Keep your distance

Be far behind other drivers. Many people recommend placing about three cars length behind the car in front of you. The last thing you want to do is start moving in another vehicle because you were too close.

By the same token, try to warn the drivers behind your behavior. Before making a full stop, tap your brake several times to flash your brake light.

#7 Take turns slowly

It can happen anywhere, if you take turns on the paths affected by the winter weather. It is easy to complete the turn very widely, as the car runs more than snow under normal driving conditions.

A good rule of thumb is to complete the turn in the same way with the steering wheel (don’t jerk it, but turn it easily and quickly) but go slowly, pumping the brakes if necessary.

#8 Flashlight

Keep your flashlight on, even during the day. You want other motorists to become more and more aware of your presence, especially when the snowfall is heavy.

#9 First aid kit

A first aid kit is important if someone is injured in a car accident. Although it is necessary round the year, it is one of the most important things to keep in your car during the winter because emergency snow response times can be slow if it is snowing. Provide primary first aid to the victim until help arrives.

#10 Fit Winter Tires

Technically it is not a driving tip – it is a living tip. This is because setting up a set of four winter tires (commonly called “snow tires”) is really the best thing you can do to improve your safety margin and those terrible snow-covered roads. But you can reduce your anxiety level.



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