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Easy tips to be followed while on move to completely relish your travel

9 Jul, 2019

There is nothing quite like traveling to people of all ages world wide to the place they like. Traveling benefits you in many ways. Travel is a pleasurable experience to most of the people. But there are many who don’t enjoy it because of various reasons and one of them is health.

It is very crucial to stay healthy while traveling to enjoy it and inspires others. Let’s discuss various ways to stay healthy while traveling.

Stretch your Body

Take short breaks to get out of the car frequently to walk around and stretch your body.

To maintain proper blood circulation and keep the body relaxed frequently stretch your back, shoulders, arms and neck l.

Maintain hygiene and use sunscreen

To keep your skin safe and healthy use sunscreen while traveling. Even if you are spending most of your time in car heat of sun can cause irritation and allergy.

To avoid sunburned apply sunscreen daily, paying extra attention to those areas which are directly exposed to the sun.

Use a good set of sunglasses to protect eyes from the sun as exposure to too much sunshine can hamper vision and even cause eye allergy.

Use Nature gym

No treadmill? No problem. Pack sneakers, gym clothes and small exercise equipment like resistance bands or a yoga mat to turn any quick stretch break into a mini-workout.

Print out (or save on a smartphone) plenty of body weight workouts for hotel rooms or mornings when other road-trippers are moving slowly.

Practice perfect posture

Especially if driving for more than one day, comfort in the driver’s (or passenger’s) seat is essential. Adjust the seat and bring pillows and seat supports to make the car seat as comfy (and ergonomically correct) as possible.

Sit up tall and take frequent breaks to roll the shoulders, stretch the neck, and realign posture.

Stay engaged at the wheel

Don’t just sit there like a bump on a log! It’s not exactly an hour-long cardio-fest, but even when sitting in traffic you can suck in the abs and squeeze the glutes to keep muscles working.

Choose meals wisely

There are only so many carrot sticks a person can eat before hankering for a real, hot meal. From fast food drive-ins to gas station markets, road food is notoriously unhealthy. For a lighter meal, look for grilled items and plenty of greens, and don’t be shy about asking for a sauce on the side.

Go loosey goosey

Tight tops and snug shorts may look fine at “da club,” but they can be darn uncomfortable for hours in the car. Choose loose, light layers to aid circulation and prevent chafing and overheating.

Compression socks look dorky, but they can prevent achy muscles (and in more extreme circumstances, deep vein thrombosis, a condition where blood clots form in the legs after sitting for a long time) if you’re planning on long stretches of sitting.

Get plenty of rest

“Drowsy driving” isn’t just unpleasant; it’s downright dangerous. Get off the road when feeling sleepy or alternate drivers to keep fresh eyes on the road at all times.

Keep the brain active

What’s a road trip without a bumpin’ playlist and plenty of off-key singing at the top of your lungs? The tunes make the trip, but an audiobook or podcast can help pass the time when travel buddies are too tired for a sing-a-long.

Everyone will learn something new, exercise their brains, and a bit of new knowledge or an interesting story will make the miles fly by.

Be flexible

Unless scurrying cross-country to meet a specific deadline, factor in an extra day or two of travel time. That way there’s plenty of time to explore a hidden waterfall a few miles off-road, take plenty of scenic detours, and keep the overall mood stress-free.

Don’t text and drive.

It’s tempting to check your phone or send text updates while you’re traveling, but it’s really not safe. According to the U.S. government, 300,000 people were injured and more than 3,000 died in 2014 in crashes caused by distracted driving.

Please pull over if you need to send a text, and the same goes for eating, putting on makeup or taking a selfie.

Always use the bathroom before you leave.

Don’t hold it for too long, doing so can cause a urinary tract infection. And urinating before getting in the car means you’ll have plenty of room for more water as you hydrate on the road.

Stay cool

Temperatures can skyrocket during the summer, so always roll down your windows upon entering the car to let any hot air out.

Work those abs

Use your car time wisely! Ab exercises that isolate the core muscles can easily be done while driving.

Contracting your abs for one to two seconds in rounds of six or eight can help get your core in check and cut down some of your gym time later.

Pack a first aid kit.

In case you ever get stuck in the car, keep a first aid kit on hand that contains Band-Aids, hard candies, a water bottle, gauze and alcohol pads. Always be sure to pull over if you’re not feeling well.

Take a break when you’re sleepy.

With so many of us living in a constant state of sleep deprivation, you may be tempted to push on through to your destination when you start feeling drowsy.

But it can be hard to tell when you’re about to nod off, which can lead to a serious or fatal accident. When you start yawning a lot and your eyes feel heavy, let your partner take the wheel or find a safe place to rest for the night.

Jog it Out

It’s likely not everywhere you will stay in will have a gym. But not so fast – you’re not off the hook yet! If you are into running, go hit the pavement. During your runs stop and do some squats, lunges, and pushups to trigger some other muscles.

Running is also a great way to tour the area you are staying in. Invite a team member, fellow travel partner, or a close customer if you feel like it’d be appropriate.

The more the merrier! You can catch up on more business or relax and turn-on social mode. If you must run at night, wear reflective clothing or lights.




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