Sudhir & Dr. Lata's Story - La Himalaya


Sudhir & Dr. Lata’s Story

18 Jun, 2021

Both of us were based in Dubai for good part of our lives and we had decided once we go back to India we shall travel India and explore practically everything that India has to offer. So we planned that we will travel each state by our own car and then came the turn of Himachal Pradesh.

La Himalaya was recommended to us by one of our friends Spiti within Himachal was on our bucket list for a long time and we decided to start ticking off our bucket list from there. Going to Spiti really wasn’t in our comfort zone as the last time we went on a group holiday we had an abysmal experience. However, La Himalaya was different. Everyone in the La Himalaya team and even our co-travelers were extremely helpful in anything we needed. Almost every facility we could think of was provided for throughout the trip. Accommodation and food was hygienic and top notch.

While being in the mountains gave us a chance to reflect back on our lives. Needless to say journey to mountains is always intriguing and we came up to an idea of “Vlog” and we kick started our new journey of sharing our travel with the audience at large through our YouTube channel “Travel with LS”.

This expedition was mind-blowing in all aspect. We traveled to a beautiful place with a great group of people.



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