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The ultimate hidden benefits of camping experience in the Himalayas

2 Jul, 2019

If you want to explore your true self being with the mother nature, camping is the best way out. This outdoor recreational activity helps you to exploring your self and nature.

There are many good reasons one should go for camping at least once in life. The benefits begins with nourishing your body and mind to many more. Let’s discuss some of the major benefits of camping.  Here we are counting some camping benefits.


Camping Benefits

Change in the environment

There are times when you need a break from your daily routine to experience happiness and become more productive. Staying in camps gives you the opportunity to spend your time in an absolutely different way to make a new start in life. You start seeing life from a different perspective. Your attitude towards life changes and it helps you to become a better version of yours.

Rejuvenate your relationships

Spending a great time in camps with your family and friends leads to a strong bond with them.

Camping is great fun activity with your spouse, children or close friends. Spending time with them sharing stories, enjoying food and discussing activities you did that day while being together around the campfire at night is the best way to catch up and to grow closer to the people important to you.

Reducing Stress Levels and better sleep

In this modern world, everyone including kids feel stressed due to various reasons and it seems difficult to get rid of that. While staying away from your stressful environment in the middle of the woods in camps relieves you from the stress.

You set yourself free from TV, mobile phones and get engaged with the nature.

You can overcome depression of any kind and level being in nature. Camping gives you the opportunity to rest, relax, and revitalize. The physical activities during the day time boost up your metabolism and better sleep.

You enjoy to live the life in its best possible way.

Inhaling Fresh Air

Cities are filled with all kind of pollution. You are bound to breathe in polluted air leading to many health related issues. While camping you are exposed to trees and other wonders of nature and hence fresh air.

When you breathe in this high quality oxygen you instantly feel happier and full of energy.


While camping you are exposed to a mindset up setup where you keep yourself physically active. Once you reach your destination, you walk a trail or play or do some other physical fun activity with your camping buddies.

You burn good amount of calories without even realizing it.

Taking in Sunshine and Improving Your Mood

People who are exposed to adequate sunshine become happy and healthy. Due to lack of time, place and many other reasons these days people don’t get chance to enjoy sunshine. Deficiency of Vitamin D among people has become very common.

While camping you’re surrounded by nature, you get the opportunity to soak in good amount of sunshine. You improve your health and mood. This also increases your body’s absorption of vitamin E and calcium.

This helps you make your bones and teeth stronger. It recharges your body and helps you come back to the workplace ready to tackle big projects.

Eliminating Distractions

Camping is one of the best ways to take a break from your busy lifestyle to let your brain feel at ease. Nowadays people are practically inseparable from computers and social media leading them to unhealthy lifestyle and sleeping pattern.

They are getting obsessed with superficial things in day to day life. When you are out for camping, you’ll be less engrossed with social media.

Camping can help to deal with this addiction and have fun in a natural healthy way. You return back being a happy and stress free person.

By eliminating these distractions you can deal with the problem of not being able to focus on one thing for a longer span. You can definitely use your phone for a short period of time in one part of the day for some essential updates.

Gaining Self-Confidence and overcoming depression

Since camping is an enjoyable activity where you get the opportunity to enjoy life with your close friends or you make new friends being in a bigger crowd. It definitely improves your mood.

You get involved in many physical activities which further makes you feel good about yourself. This boosts the life force within you. You feel motivated and gain self confidence. You are exposed to take in plenty of oxygen. You feel relaxed & happy.

While performing different physical activities, your body releases hormones responsible to fight off any depression. While performing various simple activities and learning or enhancing your skills.

You feel a sense of accomplishment which also boosts the self confidence and help to overcome any negative feelings inside. T

he friendship developed with the fellow member adds on to the feel good factor.

Feeling Inspired Recharged

The daily autonomous routine make the life boring and dull. You lose the motivation to work and less productive. Camping is one good way to recharge yourself for a new start. Being in nature inspires you for more creativity. Camping is a good way to deal with the feeling of burnout.

Better Memory

Less distraction leads to improved concentration, reduced stress and better memory. Feel good factor also improves the memory of a person.

Learn New Skills

While spending your days and nights with family, friends and new buddies in camps you get the chance to experience and learn new skills which leads to make you feel good about yourself and enhances your self-confidence.

You live a real life in the open world. You learn the importance of togetherness, cooperation and relationship building.

While interacting with fellow members you get the opportunity to know different aspects of life which you have never experienced in life. You become a better version of yourself by learning something new in the experience.


The more you go closer to nature, you become healthier and happier person. Camping gives you the chance to do so . It is not a glamorous activity, but that’s the beauty and significance of it.

You are not worried about your looks, clothes, people, work and many other distracting things in life. You are just a happy person enjoying being with nature.

By the end of the trip feel refreshed, full of enthusiasm and more connected with yourself. Go camping with La Himalaya with your family and friends to enjoy the fun and thrilling experience in beautiful mountains and valleys of Himalaya.




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