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Vineet’s Story

18 Jun, 2021

I am from Shimla and always wanted to travel to unexplored parts of Himachal. Before I had decided to go, I was skeptical as I was given a huge travel wear list – from Sunscreen to outer jacket that should stand -20 degree centigrade. I thought What the F**K. I am not going to now buy all this stuff. However, little did I know that the travel gear that I bought the last day shall be a life savior.
This was by far the best road trip and time to visit Spiti. Infact my trip to Spiti Valley turned into trip of many firsts.
My first 4X4 drive on the snow
My first drive where I had to put on the snow chains on the car all by myself
My first trip where I experienced time changing in my cellphone to Tibet time despite being in Indian territory
My first trip to Monasteries that we usually see in pictures
My first trip to enjoy warm Tibetan Cuisine in the – 11 degrees
My first trip where I fixed a punctured car tyre in -17 degrees at 2000 hrs at night in Spiti Valley
My first trip to when I never felt for a moment that “lets go home now”

For me, highlight of my trip was Himalayan ranges and believe me when I say “Himalayas are Majestic.” Coming from a person who has lived in Shimla “Shivalik ranges” this means something. Shivalik ranges in front of Himalayas seem like a heap of soil/sand with trees on it. Even if I try I won’t be able to find words to describe Himalayas. They are sheer gift or nature, reflecting different colors at every turn, magnanimity of size is beyond comprehension… so on and so forth.
I would love to travel again through the same route needless to say time and again.




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