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Tribal Monastic Drive

November 19, 2021 | Rs 60,000 + (5% GST)

Spiti Snow Drive

December 17, 2021 | Rs 66,000 + (5% GST)

Spiti Snow Drive

January 14, 2022 | Rs 66,000 + (5% GST)

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About La Himalaya

We are a premium adventure road travel company. “Himachal Pradesh” is where our heart is and our utmost attention is to make sure that we do it the best

When you’re travelling with La Himalaya you’re travelling with me and this is my passion. That’s why we offer:

Unique Experiences – Our itineraries cover off-beat destinations, quaint villages, ancient monasteries, green
meadows and crystal clear rivers.

Safety – With such adventures, safety has to be paramount. Our trained staff ensures that you and your family’s
safety is never compromised.

The Best Support – Terrains we travel to are unforgiving; our lead and sweep cars ensure that the convoy always
stays together.

As long as you’re up for an adventure, we make sure there is enjoyment for you and your family. Families join us on a
regular basis; we’ve had children (upwards of 3 years of age) as well as senior citizens (as old as 62 years of age)
have a wonderful time with us.